Hi! I'm Chris DeLeon. I make videogames and I'm on a mission to help more people do it.

Featured Game Highlights

Galaxy Breacher (Gamkedo Club)
Lead, Gameplay Code, Level Design

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition (play It)
7 million plays, 1st in SIEGE, got a sequel

Topple, Wired Readers Top 10
Published by ngmoco, #2 Top Paid App

Zylatov Sisters, 350,000 players worldwide
play it "degamified" (about degamification)

Alice in Bomberland, Featured in What's Hot
Published by Sonic Boom

FeelForIt, IndieCade Finalist
Came from 219 daily experimental projects

Boom Blox, Professional Level Designer
Developed at Electronic Arts, Wii-only

Battleship 88
Producer, Lead Designer, and Programmer

Clever Girl
Coaching/Advisory Role, Level Design

Complete Gameography (Last Updated: September 2016)

I also independently made 219 daily experimental microgames Nov 2007-Jun 2008:

Current Business

Gamkedo provides a combination of practical skill training, community outreach, developer exposure, and worldwide peer networking.

In only the past year...

• The free Gamkedo course Code-Your-First-Game.com gave nearly 35,000 people their start in videogame development.

• The year-round practice group gamkedo.club supported over 55 developers worldwide through the creation of 19 games, working on several at a time on small teams. Project schedules take between 1-5 months.

• The gamkedo.community podcast shared 50 developer interviews from a broad range of backgrounds and experience levels.

For more information, or availability for private one-on-one training, visit gamkedo.com

Videogame Research

My graduate research was in pinball's relation to digital games (thesis) and rules:

As a PhD student my interest was how funding models shape gameplay design ideals:

Informally, I study game design in deep detail through remaking core gameplay:

My current area of study is understanding challenges faced by new game developers:

Resume, last updated in 2014.

I'm available for public speaking (experience).